Eden on EOS

NFT Circle

EDEN is an EOS community of verified people. EDEN offers creators the ability to verify individual humans without using legacy 'Know Your Customer' (KYC/AML) systems, and no personal information is required from Eden members!

Creators can plug into EDEN’s unique NFT Circle member list to provide fairer drops. EDEN’s onboarding process proves its invitees unique identity and issues them an NFT. It creates the most decentralized White List in crypto! 

Using a simple script, marketplaces can verify EDEN members at login. Communities can use EDEN members, in addition to their current White Lists, to reward play actions with NFT drops.

Creators can leverage EDEN’s marketing and reputation system to reach new members.
Members can get access to low mints.

The NFT circle rewards Eden members with special access to NFT drops, ad provides creators with the opportunity to reach a real audience of NFT enthusiasts.

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