Eden On EOS Bylaws

Eden on EOS ByLaws Ratified On: October 28, 2022

The following bylaws have been ratified via a unanimous vote of the Eden #4 Chief Delegates: Jesse Jaffe, Rieki Cordon, Xavier Fernandez, Chris Waxa, and Chris BarnesThe previously ratified bylaws (ratified by Eden #3 CDs) can be found

The bylaw proposal is as follows:
Mission Statement:
To create value for the EOS ecosystem. 
1. The size of an independent Eden community shall not exceed 10,000 members.

2. Representatives (henceforth known as Delegates) shall be elected via the following process:
a) Members are randomly organized into roughly equally-sized groups of 12 or fewer, where total number of groups = population / average group size.
b) Each group must select a Delegate from their group with greater than 2⁄3 approval of votes cast and the selected Delegate must vote for themselves.
c) The process shall then repeat, fractally, by randomly grouping the Delegates approved in the previous round of the election, until the final representatives, also known as the Chief Delegates (CD), are chosen.
d) The Head Chief Delegate will be selected randomly from the final group of elected CDs. E.G. the final group will not elect the top representative, sortition will.

3. Elections shall occur every three (3) months or may be triggered by a petition of greater than 2⁄3 of all Delegates.

4. The Eden on EOS community may adopt bylaws, which contain all rules, processes, and regulations binding to anyone who wishes to remain a member.
a) The active and a proposed set of bylaws are indivisible, single documents. E.G. The former CDs cannot provide the next set of CDs numerous options.
b) Bylaws may only be ratified if they were proposed at least 14 days in advance of the prior election.
c) The CDs shall not act contrary to the existing bylaws 
d) The CDs can propose a new set of bylaws.
e) The vote to approve a proposal as well as ratify a proposed set of bylaws shall be approved by a vote greater than 2⁄3 of the CDs. 

5. As part of the election process, the Chief Delegates will have their 'Eden Account' Keys replace the previous CD 'Eden Account' Keys that hold the “Active” permissions of the genesis.eden account.
a) A threshold of greater than 2⁄3 is required for all account transactions.
b) When appropriate, a time-delay will be used on all account actions with a delay duration that ensures the next set of elected CDs have a 7 day opportunity to cancel the transaction.

6. Head Chief Delegate funding allotment will be equal to what a regular Chief Delegate will receive.

7. Membership is voluntary. Members may leave at any time by executing the 'resign' contract action.

8. All new members must be invited by 3 existing members on video. The new member must affirm they’ve read, understood, and agree to the current Bylaws as enacted by the Chief Delegates.

9. Each new member will pay 3 EOS to join the Eden on EOS community.

10. The CDs may not create any .eden namespace account without a greater than 2/3 vote.

11. Treasury disbursements shall be 15% of the genesis.eden treasury each month. A greater than 2/3 vote of CDs can reduce the percentage mid-term.

12. In the event of a dispute affecting the integrity of the system, refer to the Dispute Resolution process below.
Dispute Resolution - Member Removal Scope:
This process addresses the removal of Eden members. Its scope is limited to disputes inside Eden that are affecting the integrity of the system.
Violations regarding the Induction process, sybil checks in the first round of election, and different forms of vote buying.
Definitions: Communications - All dispute resolution interactions will take place in the private Eden Member's Telegram channel. Collateral Holding Account - bonds.eden (or similarly named account with genesis.eden Active permissions as the Owner, the Bonds.Eden Lead as the Active).

Jury - L1 Delegates agree as part of their position will act as a juror when randomly selected. If a trial is to take place, jurors will each be paid a fee for their service equal to 1/5 of the collateral derived solely from that posted by the party determined to have lost, be they the Plaintiff or the Defendant. 

Claim Process: Any member may be a Plaintiff and file a claim to have another member removed, but must first receive the endorsement of three other members, who have participated in at least one election, to support the claim. This filing will take place in the Eden Member's chat via a shared google doc stating the following (with links where appropriate):
Three Eden members who endorse the claim, with their linked Eden Profiles; The Defendant’s Eden profile; The nature of the claim; and Any relevant evidence to support the claim.
The Plaintiff must post collateral of $125 in EOS to the bonds.eden account, and send 0.001 EOS to the Defendant’s account to initiate the claim. Attempts must be made to contact and notify the Defendant of the claim via any reasonable means possible, at the very least in all of the following documented means: Memo to their EOS Account; Communicating with those that invited and Witnessed his/her membership; Utilizing any contact information available on their Eden Profile on the date of filing the claim; and All of these attempted communications will be tracked (with links) on the initial google doc claim form.
If the Defendant is contacted they have the opportunity to respond in one of two ways:
1) agree with the claim and voluntarily resign their membership (in which case the Plaintiff will be reimbursed their collateral from the bonds.eden account) or,
2) dispute the claim and post $125 collateral to the bonds.eden account.
If the Defendant cannot be reached and does not respond in the Eden Member's chat to the claim within two weeks the Plaintiff can proceed with the Deliberation Process. 
Deliberation Process: A jury of five L1 Delegates will be randomly selected on a recorded video call via
Google Sheets Workspace Random Generator (which randomly sorts a list of Delegates where the top 5 are chosen)The Plaintiff's claim via Google doc will record the asynchronous conversation between the Plaintiff and Defendant. The Jurors may also ask questions in this document.If possible an in-person recorded video call can take place between all parties. Once the Jurors have come to a 3/5 decision the verdict is made. If in favour of the Plaintiff: The CDs will execute the Remove Member action and the Defendant will be removed from the community. The Plaintiff will also receive their posted collateral back from the bonds.eden account. The Jurors will receive their 1/5 portion of the posted collateral from the Defendant.

If in favour of the Defendant: The Defendant will remain a member and will have their posted collateral returned. The Jurors will each receive 1/5 of the posted collateral from the Plaintiff.