The Eden Story

Eden was first created by Daniel Larimer as described in his book More Equal Animals.
Eden is a process or tool that allows a new generation of community builders, organizations, and influencers to select from within leaders and representatives.

Why Eden?

A team of people can be more powerful than the sum of its members, however, all teams require a means to reach consensus, or they become fragmented beyond repair.

Unfortunately, traditional democratic processes empower politicians and disempower the people who are expected to participate.

The Eden up-vote election process is a revolutionary new experiment in governance that can transform the world.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to shape an organization's culture by inviting those closest to you, with similar views and philosophies, to join the community.


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What Is Eden?

1. Eden members meet on video calls and in-real-life to achieve consensus and elect leaders.

2. Members elect trusted representatives to be appointed as delegates, who advance into roles of responsibility with decision-making power. 

3. Immutable blockchain-based results are shared, delegate promises are transparently tracked, and the community has confidence in the results of a truly democratic election process.

What Does Eden Solve for?

Rational Ignorance

Voters in a traditional democratic election are perfectly rational to not know the ins and outs of each potential candidate and all of the various political platforms considerations at play.

It's simply not worth the effort to become knowledgeable. In fractal governance, you only need to understand the views and philosophies of the other people in your small random group and vote accordingly.

Tyranny Of The Status Quo

JFK once said, "The single biggest thing that any system of government must retain is the ability of the people to effect change. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

The Eden up-vote process gives each participant an actual voice to speak to those that will represent them and carry their views and beliefs forward in the political process.

Incumbent Advantage

Those in power can change the rules to ensure they have the best chance possible to retain said power. One of the tenets of the Eden up-vote process is that any current set of leaders can only propose changes to rules.

In order to ratify those rules a subsequent election must take place and the new leaders then have an opportunity to agree or not to these new rules and ratify them.

Control of the Media

Media controls the discussion of who is eligible for the masses to consider and what information the masses have available.

By randomizing voters in an Eden up-vote election everyone becomes a candidate and discussion can be authentic and uncurated allowing an unfiltered transfer of information to take place.

Campaign Finance Favoring Big Spenders and Celebrities

By randomizing the base set of 'voters' into small groups, it makes it more difficult and less efficient for a single individual to achieve the maximum benefit of being famous or spending big dollars on their election campaign.

Controlled Debates

Debates in Eden up-vote elections occur in each small group of people. There is no curated debate between preselected individuals. Actual voters have an opportunity to ask real questions that matter to those that are seeking their vote.

Focus On Politicians, Not Policy

In a two-party democratic system, the discussion becomes narrowed to the individuals that represent each party while obfuscating the policies they represent.

In Eden up-vote elections, people only need to consider who is in their room. Therefore, the conversation will naturally migrate to focus on ideas and not personalities.

This because the randomization of the electorate into small groups means that most individuals won't know or be familiar with who is in their room with them.

Vote Counting Corruption

The voting in an Eden up-vote election is plainly visible and apparent to anyone that reviews the process and results. This is especially true if the election is done on a blockchain with video recordings of each room.

Just like any ladder style sports playoff, it's quite easy to see who won and how they got there.

The Future of Eden

The Eden on EOS community has many great opportunities to address as it grows and expands:

Internal Crypto Networking Group:
Eden members will have access to each other via regular meetings, where they will be each encouraged to share their respective professional skills and abilities.

With a philosophy of collaboration, participating Eden members will benefit from gaining friendships and knowledge through an internal skill-sharing economy.

Hypha DAO Experts:
Eden members can actively work on becoming Hypha experts, so we can be future ambassadors for EOS in onboarding new organizations into its release on EOS.

Eden IBC Integration:
Generally attempt to keep building membership which can be used via IBC on other AntelopeIO chains where sybil resistance is needed.

IE, resource games on WAX are being exploited by bots. By tying into the Eden membership table, games can have verified real human accounts without KYC. If this catches on, it could be a big driver of new Eden members and EOS account growth to unique humans.

Independent National Convention Sponsors:
Dedicate energy and potentially funding towards the Independent National Convention on Oct 30-31 in Austin, Texas. Eden delegates can consider pooling funds to be an official sponsor of this event, with the lowest tier being $10k.

Eden members can also physically attend. Chris Barnes confirmed that Eden can form an “Eden Delegation” and have our own reserved table(s) for the event and really be front and center with promoting what we are, what EOS is, and why this process is so valuable.

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Previously Elected Leaders

Chris Barnes

Brock Pierce

Michael O'Sulivan

Luca Percic

Edgar Fernandez

Dan Singjoy

Hahn Ryu

Chuck MacDonald

Jesse Jaffe

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