Eden On EOS Position Paper V1


V1 Oct 2022

Written in consensus with and for the Eden on EOS community

Editor: Gavriel Shaw


Eden is a revolutionary process that leverages technology to help organizations accelerate performance by improving inclusion, collaborative consensus, and accountability.

Eden helps communities thrive...

…via a friendly, engaging, supportive, interesting, fun, and future-focused process for community engagement, consensus making, and incentivization.

Eden gives people a strong and clear voice within group decision-making, allowing each individual to feel fully engaged by influencing their community success.

Eden is a transparent consensus-building process for community governance to appoint representative delegates who become accountable to the group inachieving its priorities and purpose.

Eden empowers you and your fellow community members to grow your organization or group beyond current performance limitations and achieve your goals together.

Eden unites us in consensus.

We are a community focused on building systems that build better communities.

You can continue reading the full report below. The document will be made available to Eden community members for any suggested edits in the near future.

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