Eden Receives 500,000 EOS from Block.one in partnership with Helios

Block.one partnered with Helios to donate 500,000 EOS to Eden on EOS in support of our mission.

Two Chief Delegates, Chris Barnes and Chris Waxa who are also part of the Helios team were able to build a connection with Block.one thanks to the help of Brock Pierce, Helios CEO. Chris Barnes put forward a proposal to Block.one which was accepted rather quickly, Block.one who have clearly been following Eden On EOS were ready to support the Eden community and mission of continued development, innovation, and progress towards a more equal on-chain democratic, governance system.

With a funding source for Eden previously being uncertain, the donation now allows the members of Eden to take a moment to re-asses their priorities and focus on the original purpose of Eden - Governance on EOS.

It is a great relief that the Eden community no longer has to worry about their extinction, for at least the near future, anyway.

With the funds already not only in the Eden accounts but now also in the wallets of Eden delegate members, the community can get to work progressing with their collective goals and structure Eden into a DAO of DAOs. The Funds were donated into two accounts, the Eden Treasury received 450,000 EOS and the Operational Expenses account received the remaining 50,000 EOS.

450,000 EOS Transaction

50,000 EOS Transaction  

The Chief Delegates have expressed how they intend to spend their funding received.

Rieki: My mission continues to focus on lowering the barriers for communities to use our tools to securely (with no transaction fees), transparently, & democratically govern their own versions of #Eden on #EOS using fractal democracy and #DAOs. With the increase in funding, I can dedicate more of my time towards discovering the technical and social barriers that prevent new members from leveraging our tools and to work on educational and instructional materials on how to participate.

Waxa: I will use the funds for the Edenelections.com website development and maintenance, mostly I plan to direct my funding in support of the Eden Smart Proxy (ESP) and BP Whitelisting service. The ESP addresses what I consider a big problem on #EOS while providing a win-win solution for all.

As Eden On EOS continues launching towards more EOS governance involvement, there are some issues that are being addressed by the ESP which we can get behind. Such as, BP accountability and transparency, BPs who have more than one BP, and the perceived need for BPs to bribe the community with APR in return for their votes.

Paying for votes can eat away at around 80% of BP pay, which could be used to help the EOS network. This process is a byproduct of the current system and is the go-to solution for BP's to remain in the top 21. With ESP, we have the opportunity to help the BPs by removing the 'Vote Buying requirement' and reward BP's with sometimes an over 500% increase in pay. Imagine what the capability of the network would be like if accountable BPs were getting 500% more income! 

As you can see, I'm passionate about this project. If the ESP achieves its goals, every EOS token holder will be able to stake and receive noncustodial APR with higher potential % than what is currently available for token holders who wish to remain holders of their own tokens. With recent events in our industry, it is pretty clear, self custody has never been more important. With ESP, I believe everyone wins, hopefully the Eden community can help make this happen.

Chris: I am focused on Eden having a tangible influence on #DPoS on #EOS. With that, we need Eden to be global and multilingual. Therefore, I will be using my extra funds to support the Chinese, Korean, and Spanish Eden’s get up and running.

Xavier: I want to measure and maximize the impact the Eden treasury has on the EOS network. I will focus on launching the Eden spend explorer and coordinate with delegates to promote financial transparency on Eden. https://spending.eden.eoscommunity.org 

Jesse: I plan on continuing my role as project manager in the Sybil protection and dispute resolution initiatives for at least 90 days. Our goal is to ship stable first versions for both projects by the end of this term.

Following a recent tweet from the Eden On EOS Chief Delegate's Twitter account, the Chief delegates have been communicating with the Eden community on telegram and social media. The CDs will be hosting a Twitter Spaces event later today, 12/8/22 to discuss the funding donation and shine more light on how they plan on using the funding.

Join us live or listen to the recording

On Friday you can tune in to the Chief Delegate weekly meeting and ask any questions about the recent funding and see how plans are developing.

Chief Delegate weekly meeting #8

The Chief Delegates have all expressed their appreciation of the Block.one funding and help from Helios to make this happen. The funding allows Eden to maintain and expand the open source EdenOS tool which is essential for the Eden on EOS community to grow, and for this up-vote election process to seed other decentralized communities.

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