January 5, 2022

July 17th, 2021 Test Eden on EOS election #2 Copy

The winner of today's EdenOS political playoff process to fund EOS projects is Chris Barnes. Congratulations! He got 1000 EOS to fund whatever he think is best for EOS. He said in the final round 3 video, that he would use 10% of the 1000 EOS to fund https://eospowerup.io/free (which is getting highly used in Venezuela), so the EOS community and new users can continue to power up their account for free, 90% he would pay the founder of eospowerup, who did this work for free and as well that he will continue the development and be able to increase the functionality (integrate eospowerup into Telegram and Discord) of this at the moment very important and urgently needed service. And the founder of eospowerup said he would forward 20% to Greymass cause their API's and functionalities getting used and are part of the solution from eospowerup.io as well. Since the idea from EdenOS is that the community is trusting the winner with the funds, this funds can be spend as well slightly different in the end, when things come up to adopt.

r/eos - edeneos.org is live - EdenOS political playoff process first test run went very successful

In the real election in approx. July '21, there will be much more money involved and there will be around 100 elected leaders or more from the EOS community (or new developers who participate with new ideas for EOS) who get a budget to fund projects or whatever they think is best or most needed for the EOS ecosystem

Here you can see the election and the breakout rooms (every breakout room was recorded by the winner and as well from a volunteer, so no cheating is possible).

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